At the core of The Wellbeing Project is the Wellbeing Index, a measurement tool that provides an understanding of wellbeing in our community. The Index provides a baseline for understanding what contributes to wellbeing and how the city and community can work to improve it. By understanding more about what makes us thrive, we can work together on making meaningful changes in our community.

The index combines data we have, determines what new types of data we need to gather, and integrates in new ways all of the available information. It brings together a variety of data from City measures, an extensive resident survey and social media in six distinct yet connected categories of what research shows drive wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Index findings provide both expected and unexpected insights into the community. Some validate long-held beliefs about Santa Monica, some are surprising or counterintuitive to the “conventional wisdom,” and some reveal areas of concern or issues, that until now we have not been able to measure. An overview of key findings by dimension has been presented on the pages of this website. To view the full findings, click here.