GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE begins with physical and emotional health. When individuals, families and neighborhoods are healthy, a community thrives.

Health Status

Health encompasses many facets of life, including the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual. The health of your family, your neighborhood and your city influences your health, and you influence your community’s health as well.

Source: California Health Interview Survey, 2012

Santa Monica Residents Who Get More Than 6 Hours of Sleep


Sleep is key to physical and emotional health, and sleep adequacy and quality has been linked to a person’s productivity.

Source: Santa Monica Wellbeing Survey, 2014

One-third of Santa Monicans Report Being Stressed all or most of the time.


Stress management and how a person handles a range of stress in his or her life is linked to the experience of chronic health issues.

Source: Santa Monica Wellbeing Survey, 2014

Youth Health

Starting early with healthy behaviors is important to set a path of health across the lifespan. Youth physical, mental, emotional, and social health contributes to their long-term outcomes. Emotional health for youth often has a relationship to factors studied in the Learning dimension, for example school readiness.

Source: SMMUSD, 2013
Source: SMMUSD CHKS, SY14-15