YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR PLACE IN THAT ENVIRONMENT MATTERS. The physical and social environment affects you, whether natural or manmade conditions.

Time Outdoors

Outdoor Use

Spending time outdoors, whether exercising or relaxing brings both emotional and physical benefits.

Source: Santa Monica Wellbeing Survey, 2014


Access to Neighborhood Amenities

Having access to the goods and services you need in close proximity increases sense of community, outdoor activity, and pride in place.

Source: City of Santa Monica LUCE Report, 2015

Natural Amenities


of Santa Monica is parkland or beach. To equal that level nationally, the National Parks Service would have to turn the entire state of New York into parkland.*

Natural Amenities

The natural environment drives a strong sense of place, and is associated with positive health effects among individuals.

Source: City of Santa Monica, GIS Data, 2014
Source: US National Parks Service
Source: US Census Bureau, 2017

Santa Monica is Beautiful

A sense of pride in one's physical surroundings can have a strong positive influence on a person's personal wellbeing.

Source: Santa Monica Wellbeing Survey, 2014

* refers to percentage of land zoned as DP (designated park), or beach. Does not include mixed-use zoning codes.