Wellbeing Microgrants are a new approach to engage and support Santa Monica residents looking to make a positive change in their community. Designed to empower residents, the City provides up to $500 for ideas that are focused on small scale action to improve community wellbeing.

Microgrants Apply

Application period is now closed



28 th
Application Deadline


15 th
Grants Awarded
19-23 rd
Grantee Orientation
19 th
Project Period Begins


29 th
Project Period Ends


21 st
Grantee Reports Due

Grantees Commit To:

  • Track wellbeing metrics
  • Submit a post-event report, due within two weeks of project completion (to include: photos, video, data)
  • Track and deliver a detailed budget of all Microgrant expenditures


  • Residents of Santa Monica and the surrounding area are welcome to apply. Project must take place in or near Santa Monica.
  • Applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline.
  • Project must be able to measurably impact a dimension of the Wellbeing Index (more information at santamonicawellbeing.org).
  • Project must be able to be executed with grant funds and community support.
  • Non-profits, existing businesses and other entities are not eligible (individuals only).
  • All funds granted must be used solely for the stated project.
  • No more than one grant will be awarded to each project (funds cannot be pooled).
  • Funds cannot be used for any religious or political activities (including political campaigns, rallies or fundraisers). Projects must not alter or permanently affect any public or private space without expressed written consent.
  • Project applicant is responsible for compliance with all IRS regulations.


Application Screening

Applications will be reviewed to determine whether they meet the Guidelines. Applications that meet all Guidelines will proceed to the second phase of review.

Application Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed on the basis of the Evaluation Criteria (see below). The ratings of all reviewers will be aggregated. Favorably reviewed applications will be considered for funding.

Application Selection and Funding

Once final evaluation is completed, consideration will be given to reviewer feedback, available funds, and the intent to fund a diverse mix of ideas and projects.

Evaluation Criteria

Viability (20%)

How possible is the idea/project within the available funding and timeline?

Wellbeing Index Dimension Impact (20%)

Does this project address one of the dimensions of the Wellbeing Index (Health, Learning, Economic Opportunity, Community, or Place & Planet)?

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (20%)

Does the project include a diverse group of stakeholders and participants across age, race, and gender?

Community Impact (20%)

Does this project bring together residents in the Santa Monica community? For our third round of Microgrants, we hope to support projects that benefit the community by sharing learning, tools, and strategies.

Continued Impact (20%)

How will the idea/project continue to make an impact after the Microgrant period?