Round 4: Wellbeing During COVID

Wellbeing Microgrants Round 4: September 2020 - February 2021 Out of 24 total applications, these thirteen projects were selected for the Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 round of Wellbeing Microgrants. In creative and exceptional ways, they each focus on aspects of community, environment, learning, health, and economic opportunity.

Many respond to the issues our communities are facing in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Selection was based on the Evaluation Criteria listed below.

Improving Community Wellbeing during COVID-19

Even prior to COVID-19, Santa Monicans were experiencing issues of loneliness and isolation, health challenges, decreasing sense of ability to influence local government, and inequities across race, age and gender. For Fall 2020, we seek to fund projects that address these issues uncovered by the Wellbeing Index, and likely exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We identified specific prompts within each dimension of the Wellbeing Index and funded resident-lead initiatives to improve one or more of these areas.


COVID has made it difficult for people to stay connected. In particular with the holidays approaching, we are interested in supporting solutions to issues of isolation and loneliness.


Even before the pandemic, Santa Monicans were worried about paying rent or mortgages. While economic issues require big solutions, microgrants can spark small economic growth for individuals and communities that have a big impact. You might apply to cover your own skills training to increase employment options, or to kickstart a new business.


At the top of mind nowadays is our collective health - both physical and mental. A microgrant might support public health efforts or a series to decrease daily stress.


Many have taken up gardening or environmental sustainability efforts as a way to take action during times of uncertainty. Microgrants can encourage neighbors to take an active role in on Santa Monica's environmental progress.


Arts, cultural opportunities, and social justice and equity initiatives have sprung up during COVID. Microgrants can provide new learning opportunities in your community.


Current Projects


Make your own cloth face mask for Covid-19

Lizeth Antonio

Lizeth will hold a series of in-depth lessons over Zoom to teach teenagers and adults how to make face masks. Fit, purpose of pattern, and fabric type will be cov-ered, and materials will be provided. Classes will be held in English and Spanish. Email Lizeth to sign up and receive zoom link:

English Group: Fridays 5pm-7pm
Orientation: 1/2/21 *5pm-5:30pm* First Workshop: 1/8/21 Second Workshop: 1/15/21 Third Workshop: 1/22/21

Taller en Español: cada SÁBADO 6pm-8pm
Orientación: 1/2/21 *6pm-6:30pm* Primer Taller: 1/9/21 Segundo Taller: 1/16/21 Tercer Taller: 1/23/21

Your Vote. Your Voice.

Rene Buchanan & Keonna Harris

This project is designed to empower Community Corporation residents to make in-formed decisions in the upcoming election with a focus on local and statewide is-sues and candidates. All information will be impartial and factual to support voters in decision-making.

Portable Solar Chargers for Unhoused Neighbors

Rebecca Cannara

Rebecca is partnering with Unite to Light and other volunteers to distribute portable solar chargers to unhoused residents in Santa Monica. Her project is in an effort in-crease accessibility to technology and reduce social isolation and loneliness.

You can support this project by donating to their gofundme through December 18th:
Additionally the week of December 11-18, Unite to Light is sponsoring Buy One Get One!

Senior Citizen Care Packages

Tyson Clark

Tyson and his brother Phoenix will use the grant to create care packages for senior citizens in local convalescent homes. Each package will contain different activity materials to improve mental health and memory to combat loneliness.

A stitch in time

Maggie Ehrig

Maggie will create a community and space for children ages 4-14 who live in Com-munity Corporation housing to learn basic- sewing skills. The opportunity will allow children to gain leadership skills as all students will be encouraged to support and teach each other to eventually create a class that is self-sufficient.

Elaboración de cubrebocas / Face Mask Making Business & Gifting Project

Domitila Escalante

El objetivo de este proyecto es poder establecer un mejor sistema de compra venta de materiales para la elaboracion de los cubrebocas. Domitila utilice su habilidad de Costurera y compra retazos de tela para elaborar mascaras protectoras y así contribuye con su comunidad. El proyecto wellbeing dará un respiro a este pequeño negocio,y fortalecerá la publicidad de sus productos entre la Comunidad.

The objective of this project is to establish a better system for buying and selling materials for the manufacture of face masks. Domitila uses her skills as a seamstress and buys pieces of fabric to make protective masks and thus contributes to her community. The wellbeing project will give a break to this small business, and will strengthen the publicity of its products among the Community.

WestLA4BlackLives Film expo

Janee Lennox & Team

Janeé and her team will host a drive-in film expo here in Santa Monica to showcase the power of film by using it educate people about the Black Lives Matter move-ment. Their goal is to spread awareness and motivate people to get involved in helping the BIPOC community in Los Angeles and the United States.

Dates TBD.

The Soilist

Jane Monteagle

Jane is organizing The Soilist Project which is a thermophilic compost demonstra-tion set to begin November 8th at 8 a.m. and will last until its completion at Church in Ocean Park. She aims to teach her community about how to create compost and how to use it to promote sustainable living. With the help of volunteers and those in her community, she will donate the compost to raise awareness on how to cycle organic waste into making healthy soil.

Economic Development through Youth Entrepreneurship

Kathleen Mulcahy

In order to expand the impact of the Youthful Savings Marketplace that Kathleen and team started in New York, she will be offering the “My Business Challenge” Program to those with entrepreneurial interests aged 14-24. Those chosen for the program will complete a 5-week remote class that will meet on a weekly basis to learn skills such as creating a viable business plan and creating an investor pitch beginning December 1st, 2020. Upon completion of the course, participants will be rewarded a $25 stipend toward their business plan.

Creating Election Awareness for the Ethiopian Community in Santa Monica

Alemu Negaro

To increase voter turnout/registration rates among the Ethiopian Community, this project distributed impartial information in both Amharic and English to explain the importance of voting as well as inform households on local and statewide issues and candidates. Alemu hosted Zoom meetings including guest speakers to moti-vate participants for the November election.

View Flyer

California Ballot Measures

De mi cocina a la suya / From my kitchen to yours

Sofia Ramírez

Sofia expandirá su negocio de alimentos creando un canal de YouTube destinado a abordar los conceptos erróneos sobre la comida mexicana. En sus videos, com-partirá recetas importantes para su cultura y herencia para conectarse con su audi-encia y unir a las personas.

Sofia will expand her food business by creating a YouTube channel intended to ad-dress misconceptions surrounding Mexican food. In her videos she will share reci-pes important to her culture and heritage to connect to her audience and bring people together.

Comfort 4 COVID

Willa Wells

Willa will design and hand-crochet prayer shawls in partnership with local agencies to be sent to those who have been deeply impacted or suffered a familial loss as a result of COVID-19.

Please contact Willa at if you or a loved one are interested in receiving a shawl.

Family Fitness- Staying Healthy in the Midst Social Distancing


Zakiya will host a 1 day, 3-hour fitness workshop to help families better their men-tal/physical health that may have been impacted as a result of COVID-19. It will focus on eating healthily and fitness tips to support families as the holidays draw near, as well as offer tips on emotional wellness amidst our new COVID-19 friendly lifestyle and activities. The workshop will be held on December 5th, 2020 and will include speakers and challenges!

Register now for this virtual workshop on December 5, 9am-12pm. Register here: